YOU as a brand CEO will win the hypercompetition for the attention and favour of the consumer!

Your competitors are wondering how YOU are able to impress noticeably more customers with your printed communication, packaging, and stationary shops while achieving a return on investment of more than 80 percent.

Our Approach

Marketing meets science

YOU are open to the newest scientific insights. So YOU are creating a whole new experience in which your marketing and advertising efforts will run a much greater chance of being successful, if your differentiating uniqueand sustainable brand-code exactly meets the measurable activation of emotions in the brains of your target customers. Only then!

You will get a brand-new chance to know the success of your measures even before signing off on an investment. This means that YOU are safe and have minimized your risk.

“Print products, packaging, and stationary shops of a brand will be successful when the measurable emotions in the brains of your customers correspond exactly with the respective brand code. Only then!”

YOU will reach the six greatest goals of a brand CEO

More Fans of your Brand

YOU offer your customers a special shopping and brand experience through printed communication, packaging and stationary shops.

Profitable Additional Sales

YOU present your products and services in an elaborate manner which guarantees your customers will be willing to pay a premium for your products.

Process Optimization

YOU outsource the experts that are not related to your core business. This creates new space for your employees, which in return improves your customer experience.

Avoidance of Unnecessary Costs

YOU claim the highest possible return on investment, even before you sign the contracts and agreements.

Safeguarding the Future

YOU have recognized that a company needs to be unique and sustainable in order to secure a successful future. YOU live and communicate the code of your brand in an exemplary manner.

Higher Personal Status

YOU improve your reputation and status in the international brand world and earn a spot in the league of world-class decision makers.

“The success of any marketing or advertising measure a brand undertakes can nowadays be predicted with an accuracy of 80up to 88%.”

Our competencies

Only one contact person for you

As a brand CEO you only need one contact person for discussing your tasks in the areas of print, packaging, and stationary shops. LDI AG represents to you the impressive competencies of the worldwide network of partners in the fields of science, production, industry, smart data, own agencies, logistics and environmental protection.

Global Printing Alliance, Global Sales Packaging Alliance und Global Shop Alliance as business units of LDI AG are mergers of some of the most brilliant minds and companies in the market. The leadership position in innovation of each alliance is founded on knowledge, experience, goals, skills, visions, patents, responsibilities, talent, flexibility, dynamism and creativity.

For you as a brand CEO, this competence means guaranteed success and sound security of your investments.

Global Printing Alliance

Global Sales Packaging Alliance

Global Shop Alliance

“We love brands because they promise: Fascination. Magic. Identity. Orientation. Added value. Perfection. Safety. Trust. Emotions. Quality. Assurance.“

Global Printing Alliance

You will outsource all printed communication and worldwide logistics of your brand to the Global Printing Alliance. This will maximize your success without increasing your overall costs.

Unique, multi-sensory, personalized, cross-medial and successful print products that will verifiably impress your (target) customers. We refer to suchproducts as WOW-PRINTING.

As a qualified network of partners, Global Printing Alliance unites experienced, skilful people and diverse technical possibilities.
Empathy, originality and inventive actions are what characterizers all members. The object of the company is a collaborative development of innovations and marketing. As a congenial partner we aim to offer to discerning brand CEOs a valuable partnership with unique print products that offer attractive, distinguishing features.

Global Sales Packaging Alliance

You consider your retail, eCommerce and product packaging as significant touchpoints within the framework of an unforgettable shopping and brand experience for your customers. Unlike your competition, you don’t see them as extra costs. You want to ensure a maximum return on investment without additional costs. You expect that the percentage of return shipments in your online business will be reduced by at least 30 percent. Your products should sell for the highest price your customers are willing to pay.

That is why you should offload the responsibilities for development, production, scientific measuring of success and logistics of your packaging onto the experts at the Global Sales Packaging Alliance. Put your trust in the new dimension of WOW-PACKAGING.

WOW-PACKAGING is an aesthetical pleasure that accentuates the personality of your brand, shapes the way your brand is communicated, excites and converts your customers into followers. The same way that style icons become scene stars because of their perfectly styled outfits, your products will reach cult status through exciting new, individual and aesthetically pleasing packaging – this is what we have made our mission: Convincing expression of your unique brand personality through all your packaging, at your POS and in your eCommerce branch. Distinguish!

Global Shop Alliance

Globalization, the merging of the digital and analog world into blended reality, as well as the rapid growth of E-Commerce – these factors changed markets, the way the market is understood and how people shop, lifestyles and specific demands that customers have for brands whose products they wish to purchase.

Brand CEOs in the premium quality and price segment thus have to spark on their stationary areas a vital interest through unique presentations of their products with unique selling propositions. The way in which the Global Shop Alliance can offer brand awareness, versatility, finesse and original creativity, along with the promise of continuous evolution of the offer, handle this existential need in an unrivalled manner.

The Global Shop Alliance meets your needs as a brand CEO for differentiation through the original presentation of brands on the stationary surface and closes a significant gap in the market with its new range of services.

„A brand is a symbol-system. All content (printed communications, packaging, stationary shops, etc.), that is sent by the brand must conform to a unique and sustainable code.“

Prof. Dr. Gerdum Enders,

Our methods

Invest only if you are sure of the success prior to the investment

To make it possible for you, as a brand CEO, to achievein the areas of print, packaging and shop a return on investment higher than 80 percent, the LDI AGs and our three alliances cooperate with an international team of scientists.

The scientists, as well as research groups of international universities, measure and analyse in high-tech labs and evaluate whether, in your planned print products and packaging, as well as shop elements, the manifestations of activated emotions in the customer’s brain coincide exactly with the differentiated unique code of your brand. Your investment decisions as a brand CEO will therefore be based on valid, reliable and objective data in the future.

Methods in detail

Functional Magnetic Resonance Tomography (fMRT)

Functional magnetic resonance tomography is a method by which active brain regions can be imaged. This technology is particularly suitable for capturing emotional responses to a brand’s marketing and advertising activities. Our science team uses unique fMRT analysis algorithms that can be used to identify up to 13 relevant emotions in the consumer’s brain: expectation, trust, value, involvement, intimacy, danger, aversion, anger, insecurity, novelty, attention, yearning and desire.

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Using EEG brain scans, parameters such as attention, emotions, memories or vigilance can be measured in milliseconds. Immediate brain reactions have been extensively explored in basic neurosciences and experimental psychology. They describe the activity in the brain in the first half second after a stimulus has been seen and/or heard. The various components of this direct brain reaction have been investigated in thousands of scientific studies and can now be interpreted by specialized neurobiologists in our science team.


The term eye-tracking refers to the measurement and presentation of the viewing direction. What a person looks at reveals what they are interested in and what attracts their attention. Our science team applies for this pupose a high-end video-based cornea reflex method system. In this system, the reflection of the eye illuminated with infrared light is recorded. The pupil movements are thus automatically recorded, so that afterwards an exact statement about the focus during the viewing of products or advertisments can be made. The team also combines eye-tracking with EEG to find out where the customer is looking and to explore what exactly happens in the brain at the same time.

Facial Coding

The Facial Action Coding Aystem is a standard for describing facial expressions. It divides the face into 46 so-called action units, each of which represents an elementary muscle movement. In this context, elementary means, for example, that two different action units are assigned to a muscle that can pull together in two different directions. However, only muscle movements are taken into account, which change the facial expression visibly. To indicate how intense a muscle movement is visible, a scale is used from A (barely visible) to E (upper limit of motion capability).

Electrodermal Response (EDR)

Electrodermal response is the generic term for various aspects and measures of conductivity and changes in potential of the skin. Such reactions can be seenby activation through different stimulations and exercises; the EDR is a sensible vegetative indicator of psychophysical activation. Usually the base value and the reaction value are measured, in addition to the non-specific variability. The two electrodes are fastened either to the palm of the hand or to the middle section of the fingers. The EDR is physiologically connected to the function of the sweat glands and correlates with the skin moisture and the skin temperature. The EDR is an important component of the orientation reaction, which is subject to weakening upon frequent repetition. The EDR serves as a sensitive physiological measure for everything that is new and accordingly for the significance of a stimulus, among other things, in emotional and media research.

Pulse Volume Amplitude (PVA)

A stimulus, which brings the body into a state of excitement, leads to narrowings of the blood vessels. This change in blood volume in the periphery, that is, in the arms, legs, and generally in blood vessels that are far away from the heart, is controlled by the peripheral vascular motor system. The heart pumps blood into the peripheral vessels during each heartbeat, resulting in a short-term expansion of the same. The difference between the minimum and the maximum blood volume pumped through the vessels in a cardiac cycle is referred to as pulse volume amplitude. The measurable pulse amplitudes are significantly reduced in the case of strong sympathetic excitation.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Electrocardiogramrefers to the registration of potential differences between defined measuring points as sum potentials, which reflect the excitation processes during the activity of the heart. The ECG is an expression of cardiac excitation, not contraction. The recordings are done either from the extremities or from the chest wall. The ECG consists of waves and intervals: The P-wave registers the excitation of the atrium, which is followed by the isoelectric PQ interval, which registers the complete excitation of the atria. The QRS complex corresponds to the spread of the excitation in the chambers and the ST interval to the complete excitation of the chambers. This is followed by the T-wave, which reflects the repolarization of the chambers. From the changes in sequence, interval duration and form of the ECG, a range of information can be obtained, such as assessment of the beat frequency, origin of the excitation, alterations of the conduction system, anatomical position of the heart, influences of vegetative or hormonal kind.

Electromyogram (EMG)

Elektromyogramm bezeichnet die Messung der elektrischen Aktionspotentiale an der neuromuskulären Endplatte, die bei der Kontraktion von Muskelfasern entstehen. Zur Gewinnung eines EMG-Signals werden entweder Elektroden verwendet, die auf der Hautoberfläche angebracht werden. Die Elektroden bestehen aus gut leitfähigem Material wie Gold oder Silber/ Silberchlorid. Um die elektrische Aktivität einer Muskelgruppe weitgehend ohne Störeinflüsse anderer elektrischer Quellen (z.B. von Elektrogeräten) bestimmen zu können, wird das Differenzsignal zweier Elektroden gemessen (Differenzverstärker). Die Kabel beider Elektroden sind mit einer dritten sog. Referenzelektrode verbunden, gegen deren Wert das Signal der beiden aktiven Elektroden verrechnet wird. In weiteren Schritten wird das erhobene EMG-Signal in einem Computer verarbeitet (Mittelung, Filterung, Glättung). Beim EMG-Biofeedback erfolgt die Anzeige der elektrischen Muskelaktivität entweder auditiv oder visuell. Bei der auditiven Anzeige wird das Ausmaß integrierter muskulärer Aktivität über ein definiertes Zeitintervall in einen Ton oder ein Tonmuster umgewandelt.

Response Time Measurement

The response time measurement is the unambiguous determination of the temporal relationship between signal and reaction. The reaction usually consists of pushing a button or a pedal or also in the execution of complex movements or in pronouncing specific terms. To prevent anticipatory reactions (habituation effects), i.e. to avoid reacting before signaling, variable intervals are selected. Spontaneous attention fluctuations are encountered by a warning reaction approx. 1-4 seconds prior to imperative stimulus (reaction time test with advance warning), which is activating the reaction.

The Alliance System

„Omnes pro uno“ – ALL for You

To support international brand-CEOs with advice and assistance in reaching their most important goals – this is the objective that unites the participants of the three alliance systems: Global Printing Alliance, Global Sales Packaging Alliance and Global Shop Alliance.

An alliance system consists of: science, production, industry, own agencies, smart data, logistics, environment and climate protection.


The worldwide scienceteam consists of renowned (marketing) brain researchers, neurobiologists, psychologists, psychophysiologists, behavioral economists, communication scientists, brand code experts and researchers from national and international universities.


WOW-printing and WOW-packaging products as well as WOW-shop elements from brands are produced, stored and delivered by selected competence centers on all five continents. Each of these competence centres is a recognized champion in the respective product segment, managed by innovative and visionary managers. Every single detail of a product is defined based on the respective brand code and mandatory. The system philosophy of LDI AG „Bundled knowledge and skills along with certified processes“ leads to the highest exclusivity and homogeneity – regardlessof the production sites.


The alliances are supported by globally operating industry partners, whose innovative materials are used in the international competence centres productions.


Global Printing Alliance, Global Sales Packaging Alliance and Global Shop Alliance each have their own interdisciplinary agency – a team of professional specialists. Women. Men. Team player. Revolutionaries from our concept´s perspective. International. Intercultural. Young. Old. Curious. Experienced. Unconventional. Wise. Passionate. Pragmatic. Emotional. All agency members commit themselves to the unique brand code and face the scientific success control of their creative work.

Smart Data

To generate added value for brand CEOs, the Alliances must understand the valuable content of (customer) data. Therefore the alliances are supported by Dr. Frank Buckler, the CEO of SUCCESS DRIVERS, and his global network of data scientists.
Dr. Buckler: „Powerful solutions emerge when profound marketing and sector expertise is combined with leading analytics and data science.“


As a brand CEO, you can expect us to: ensure the availability of neuro-printing, neuro-packaging and neuro-shops of your brand – in the right quantity, in a spotless condition,at the right place and at the right time, for the right customer , at the appropriate cost, with the right information for you and your team and with the right solution from the environmental point of view. Everywhere, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Intelligently planned and steered.

Environment and Climate Protection

Your demanding customers expect you as a brand CEO to take all measures to ensure and accordingly to optimize the preservation of the natural basis of life of all living beings with a functioning natural balance. In relation to consumers, the transports of printed products and packaging without contents across continental borders (for example, from Asia to Europe) are no longer possible. You as the brand CEO and our alliances are supported by Alexander Rossner and his team from in complying with socially and ecologically demanding standards, e.g. with the value or supply chain.

Partner of bundled competence


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